You want cash, you want it now, but you don’t want to part with your treasured bit of kit forever? Then you’ll like our Bring ‘n’ Buyback service.

You don’t actually kiss goodbye to your stuff for good, because you can buy it back from us. Clever, eh?

Gold bullionsHere’s how it works

You bring it.
We buy it.
You buy it back again!

With Bring ‘n’ Buyback, you’ll walk away with your money, and the guarantee you can buy back your goods within 28 days.

We don’t always buy everything, but we’ll pretty much buy most things in a good condition . TVs, games, consoles, PCs, laptops, jewellery, cameras, DVDs and DVD players, hi-fis, power tools, musical instruments and lots more besides.

You can also get your goods valued online by using the button below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a fair valuation, subject to inspecting the goods in store before finalising the service.

A little bit of small print

With Bring ‘n’ Buyback we do charge a small storage and handling fee, but we do keep your goods nice and safe.

If you’re over 18 and bring along ID to prove who you are and where you live you can qualify to use the Bring ‘n’ Buyback service. This is normally photo ID like a driving licence and a recent utility bill, but check first with your local store. If you are unable to buy back your goods within 28 days you may lose your item. We reserve the right to refuse to provide this service as we consider to be reasonable under all of the circumstances.

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